Thursday, 19 February 2015

There Are Trees Smarter Than You


A cheery little ditty but whether we like it or not winter eventually comes for all of us. I checked it out; I can say without a doubt. Seriously if there is one irrefutable truth this is it. You and everyone you will ever meet , have ever met, will die. 

From what I hear some overachievers have done so many times … can I get a woo hoo for Shirley MacLaine. As Katherine Heigl said  … she is who I want to be when I grow balls. That said … I don't know nothing about no Aliens. Katherine might; she was in Roswell.

But here is the good news … if you are reading this and able to type a response ... you are at this moment still very much alive. But looming … hopefully in the very distant future … is your death. You don't get a choice. 

You do get a choice how you live.

You can make the tried, tested, and failed choice. Live in fear and feed that fear with anger and judgement. Roll yourself up into a tiny frozen ball of condemnation that eventually explodes on the vapours of its own bitterness, harming you and those around you. Go one further … join up with a bunch of other tiny frozen balls that have a liking for the same brand of bitterness and really make a bang. Chose any ideology of your choice, the misdeeds of another, or any particular individual that gets your ego's goat … condemnation and hate are not picky.

Or you can ask yourself if there is another way to look at things. Think not about what you don't want but what you do want. Don't be against war; be for peace. Don't be against the oppressors; be for those who are hungry and dispossessed. A truly wise man chooses no enemies. Today's enemies are tomorrow's allies. History has taught us this again and again … learn this and be ahead of your time. Time travel made easy with love. Take that Einstein. Actually I think the E-man would approve of this message.

I am not saying that life is easy and without challenges. That we shouldn't make changes. Without change life becomes static and dies. But what I am saying is look for love and delight and grow. 

Long-Lived Sequoia 

Actually you'll grow anyways but one way is a lot more painful and takes a lot longer. And remember when you are choosing one way you are by default not choosing the other. You cannot love and hate at the same time. The thing about those strong, tall, and long-lived trees. They know not matter what to  reach for the light.

As always blessings.


  1. Can you give me an example of when this neutral way of thinking has ever defeated "evil"

    This mode of thinking almost seems dangerous to me !

  2. Hi David … it is not neutral … it is proactive … I clearly state that change is beneficial. As to an example … Gandhi in India and there are countless of other examples but we don't hear about them because they are not a newsworthy … remember it is fear that sells and unfortunately the fear we like to remember. But I'll go one better and give you hoards of examples where taking the opposite approach has been very dangerous … every single time war has been declared. Think about that for a minute …