Friday, 14 November 2014

Come to me in dreams, my love ...

Mary Shelley is best known for Frankenstein, arguably one of the best novels ever written.  If you haven't read it you should.  Frankenstein's delivery of Naturalism themes is perhaps only rivalled by Emily Bronte with Wuthering Heights.  Admiration of Shelley's prose brought me to take a look at what she did with poetry.  Her husband Percy Shelley was a very well-known Romantic poet and she spent much of her life in support of his work.  But I did find one piece.  Stanzas could be mostly aptly defined as Romantic with its classical themes but there is a much deeper lying darkness that hints at Naturalism.  It's four short stanzas leave the reader wishing she had written a great deal more.

Come to me in dreams, my love, Mary writes …

To read and hear please click on the link below.


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  2. "Come to me in dreams" is a very melodic write that has a power to visit an every heart with love. Today, you`d rarely find such deep & peaceful pieces from where the fragrances of true love get reflects.. isn`t it? I believe, even a write can speaks what a muse seemed shuddered for! Enjoyed it! ;)

  3. Thank you, Ewan. Mary was a master with the pen.

  4. Great blog. I am currently reading Frankenstein and Im impressed by the way the story line is told from several different characters perspective, and the way Shelley weaves the stories details together from events that have happened through out the tales timeline. She also can accurately describe how it feels to sufferer. I cant overstate that enough. That has moved me. Of course Wuthering Heights has all these characteristics too. Both these novels were nothing like I expected then to be on reading, they were so much more complex than their popular image of stereotypes.