Monday, 17 November 2014

Once upon a restful brow … or why you should never trust a hero

Fairytales and epics teach us to look on the outside for meaning and fulfillment. We quest and we quest … offer up our heart and offer up our heart …  joust with windmills and joust with windmills. But the fulfilment we seek is already within us … this is particularly hard for the sleeping beauties and heroic types to grasp. No prince charming is going to offer a life of uninterrupted romance, devotion, and worship.  Demanding this of a romantic partner will only ensure suffering. Sleeping Beauty is left hungry and Prince Not-Quite-Charming Enough … left feeling inadequate and wanting to run. For the heroic types things are worse. In an attempt to bring the world under their control, a waking nightmare is created for many ... even when the would-be hero started with the best intentions. 

Still for Sleeping Beauty and Joan of Arc, there is hope. Suffering … that which you feel …  that which you cause ... is a sign, not that you must try harder, keep looking for a better mate, accomplish more and go farther afield to do it. Save the world. It is a sign that you must stand still and surrender to an imperfect world. Fairy tales only exist in dreams and nightmares can come from trying to make them a reality. By existing firmly in the world of NOW, you give it your full attention and love, not judgement, judgement, judgement

With no other agenda but love and attention the world changes on its own. Remember you are not the only creature of agency in existence. Love attracts more love … love empowers. Practice humility by understanding you are not all-wise, have no expectations of accomplishment, listen, create and contribute. Chaos and decay ensure there is no happily-ever after ending for anyBODY. But evolution and rebirth give every SOUL an eternity to struggle, suffer and sleep or ... to awaken.


  1. Agree wholeheartedly Dear Pryde!

    Happily-Ever-Now _/|\_

  2. Well, yeah... "Reality" does matter than "Fantasy". Fantasy only takes us to.. anywhere we want to reach but reality "shows" us, in real, where we already reached out. However, if we talk `bout "love-factor" then yeah.. "love`s and can be found" in both worlds (reality and in fantasy) but only the value of emotions`re come to learned by reality so, yeah.. "Reality" comes first than "Fantasy".. fantasy only leads you to nowhere but reality "takes" you to, no matter, where but the one thing`s sure, whether it`s `bout fantasy or reality, the love`s always found in hearts. Very interesting post you`ve come up with. Glad to give it a read!