Friday, 22 May 2015

Zombies Don't Eat Butterflies

The word on the street is you wanna save the world … house the homeless, feed the hungry ... unless they’re zombies … don’t feed the zombies … that said zombies are notoriously easy to cook for ... shield the attacked, free the exploited, and un-entrance the boy band obsessed. 
What to feed your zombie … raw vegan, of course. The paleo-set tend to be too well-armed and in possession of incredible aim.  

You will not save the world on your own. There are seven billion different thought patterns creating it …  yours is only one … you cannot play your super-hero theme song loud enough for everyone to hear over their own ego-erratic drum beat … you'll only add to the cacophony.

Unlike the moon landing … Thriller was faked ... zombies can’t dance. Butterflies … according to Mohammad Ali … had all the moves.

But you can turn down the volume in your own head, let go of the fear and anger, seek out the quiet and still, and let them transform you.

Chrysalis Entombed

there is no weeping
at a caterpillar’s wake
chrysalis entombed

a caterpillar’s casket
naught but a butterfly’s womb

Embrace your imperfections; they’re beautiful too and when it’s time, let them go. Emerge from the darkness and take to the sun-lit air. But if you’re going to save the world with your newly-minted, powdery wings, you’re going to need some reinforcements.

Just How Many Butterflies

tethered together
crawling on the planet earth
seven billion bugs

just how many butterflies
it a takes to vanquish a tank

It is the soft that will overcome the hard … so says the Tao … you wanna save the world; stop the fight and become that which cannot be defeated; It's there, lying within the fear cocoon that is your ego, just waiting for you to break through and take your first  winged-step. Love, compassion, understanding is the way to peace; is the way to a better world, there is no other.

Just How Many Butterflies and Chrysalis Entombed are published in Tattoo, Calling All Soldiers Home and available at the following link.

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