Thursday, 26 March 2015

Chicks and B*tches … Chirps and Barks ... Envy and Criticism

Human perspective … wouldn't you just love to spread your wings and fly like bird … nothing but the big ole sky and freedom from here to the horizon … I envy birds.

Bird perspective ...

Bird Envy

Do ever think a bird looks down
at a child play in the park

And thinks …

I wish I could run like that
I wish I could climb like that

I wish I didn't have to eat rocks …

Walking weasels it's cold up here

Chirp Chirp


Seriously … living on crumbs and sleeping on wire is not the high life
Wow … did you see the buns on that one … I love a chick that talks with her mouth full

If that poem tells you anything … besides the bizarre workings of mind ... is that one can find a reason to envy anyone. 

Inner monologues go … 

She is so pretty … all the boys must love her
                    She is so popular … all the girls want to be her friend
He has so much money … he can buy whatever he wants
                    He has so much free time … he can get full night's sleep

The reverse is true as well. One can find a reason to feel superior to anyone.

She's pretty … but I'm smart and kind … and pretty fades
                She just jealous; she's can't get a date
He has so much money … but I'm spiritually enlightened …ohm
                He's a lazy, hippy bu'um.

Most of us are very talented at this kind of thing … creating and soothing our own sense of inferiority by attacking what threatens our ego or the more insidious … what we do not want to recognize in out own psyche. Whether we'll admit it or not we become jealous, flightless little birds.


Here's the thing … you all have a creative seed … the ability to build and create. So when you find yourself criticizing or envying someone else … destroying and tearing down ... it is not about them … it is about you. You have lost site of your own potential and have fallen to the fear that there is not enough of whatever you feel you are lacking to go around … usually that means you have fallen to the fear that there's not enough love to go around and you must wrestle it from someone else. You have forgotten that within you there's an endless source of love and happiness, an endless source of creative ability; so much so that your cup runneth over and you have enough to give even to your greatest of rivals … actually at that point you won't have any rivals ... just other co-creators. 

Pie in sky … you say … when pigs fly

No Babe … when you do. But I know … I know ... mud pies are very tempting. I've fallen to their temptation a time or two myself; I'll leave you with a poem commemorating such a fall. I wrote this to a fellow poet … whose talent and beauty was just a little too much for me to handle at the time … not to mention the attention she got from a guy a fancied. I know the nerve, right. 

A Love Poem
(warning there's barking ahead)

Rock n' roll, you beautiful people. See you next week.

Bitch, a Love Poem and Jealous Little Bird are published in Monsters, Real and Imagined … Monsters is available at the link below.

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