Thursday, 12 March 2015

Sisyphus and Siddhartha under the Dark of the Moon

lol … youtube has given me a bird nose

In greek mythology King Sisyphus was punished by the gods for his deceitfulness and greed. He was given the task of pushing a boulder up a mountain only to have it fall back down and his job to begin again … for eternity.

Sisyphus was the first rock and roll star

To my mind the boulder symbolizes ego. With tremendous exertion and/or aesthetic denial of self Sisyphus is able to arrive at the summit each and every time. But such a position is always precarious and ego supplies no stability and eventually he plummets back down again.

Sisyphus guided by ego maintains the circular rise and fall of suffering and pleasure … similar to certain concepts of karma.

But the moon has no karma … your poem doesn't make sense, Pryde. 

No the moon has no karma … but you do.  Let me explain what I mean by karma. I do not mean that somewhere there is a list kept by the higher powers of all the good and bad any one person has done … and payback awaits. That is not Karma's job … Santa Claus does that. Rather karma is about the quality of energy you carry around in your body and as such the energy you put out into the world. This is not metaphysical mumbo-jumbo. Remember what keeps you alive is biochemical reactions … a scientific fact … in other words energy. How we influence the quality of our biochemical reactions is with what we consume, activity, and thought. Your thoughts … whether they come from a place of awareness or not … influence the energy going on in your body … your mood ... and your mood … how you act onto the world.

Voila … karma is born. You go out into the world with a boulder on your shoulders and eventually you are going to get crushed. You out into the world with a spring in your step, looking to be delighted and you find cause to be delighted. You will also attract to you similar people. Angry people have no problem finding other angry people to throw stones at. Happy people like to hang with other happy people. Your mood and actions are contagious

So where does that leave us with moon … 

Well, mon petite chou, you are the moon and you become Sisyphus when you agree to carry your ego  around… or more to the point the suffering it causes … for eternity. 

Can one drop her ego completely … some say they have; I have not … at least not completely. But I do know that with more awareness of thought the suffering load can be significantly lightened; so there is no cause to get lost in what St. John of the Cross called the dark night of the soul

How do you know when you're lost … when you keep going around in circles.

Get to know your body and learn to sense when it's in emotional distress. This is sign to you to stop what you are doing … which is usually thinking in way that does not serve your karma. Step off the wheel, throw off the boulder, and you will reach new heights.

But whatever the case … don't worry … because you'll get there eventually … each and every one or you rock n' roll stars are meant to reach the top …. but then you will find there are even higher mountains to scale. Blessings.

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