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Descartes Was Not a Mosquito and Other Macrame

Descartes Was Not A Mosquito 



pestilence, disease
unseen blight carried by all
ignorance is bliss … 

humans stand apart
with regret and second thought
we are given hope

no fly can think itself clean
human awareness is cure

Descartes … I think therefore I am 

Descartes has received a lot of judgement from us spiritual folk mainly because he appeared to put rational thought over emotion. We've since come to understand that our emotions link us to our spirit. They tell us when we are moving closer or further from our truer selves that underly the bravado that is our ego.

The dark side … you serve … when your emotions … you fight … says a certain space primate. Yep … Yoda was an alien tarsier; google it.

Descartes was an intellectual but also a deeply spiritual man and his greatest contributions to philosophy and mathematics came to him in meditative contemplation … visions. He may well have been the world's first mathematician, philosopher, Jesuit … hippy. That's right … in stillness and with a clear mind he found greater intelligence. Descartes was also a man from Now. I believe when Descartes claimed I think therefore I am … what he really meant is I am aware of myself and as such I exist and since awareness/thought has no physical form … I too exist beyond the physical form. 

Neurons firing are neurons firing; this happens when we think but they did not cause the thought and they are not the thought … anymore than the delivery man is the pizza and you'd better hope … he didn't make the pizza too.

I recently tweeted … no puppet has ever looked back at his strings and asked what are these for … you have agency and you exist. And you do … but you also have strings. Each of us comes into this world with genetic programming. This programming has been passed on and allowed our ancestors  to exist long enough to reproduce and eventually to produce you and me. But humans are social animals; so along with the directions in our DNA ... we have ... since birth … learned certain thought patterns and actions that serve competition between an unenlightened individuals and groups … we've learned an ego. It is this interplay of nature and nurture that makes most of us who we are.

Maybe in past lives too … but like I said with regards to reincarnation I will have to get back to you on that and you will be waiting awhile.

I see Ego as a collection of fear-based thoughts that leads us to scramble to make our mark, eliminate the competition, and seal the deal before its too late and we croak. Ultimately ego comes from the fear of death and the fear that there is not enough time and resources to do what you need   to … which is to reproduce as much as your DNA as you can in short time that is your life. Ego serves evolution and as such serves creation but it does not serve to make you happy. That is not what it is there for. Despite it sweet nothing whispers and victory cries to the contrary … it offers no happily ever after. Your ego cannot defeat death.

Sports update … death ∞ -; ego 0

But don't worry ... happiness comes with strings attached. Each and everyone of us is connected and as such forms a whole and when we pull against the whole with ego …  the strings get taut … our bodies and emotions lets us know. We begin to suffer.

Pain is not suffering. Suffering and pain are linked but suffering requires thought. Pain is an intense pressure … some intense pressures are actually thought as pleasure … for example massage and the burn of a physical workout. It is all about the mindset. 

So where does that leave you when you're in a weeping mess or messy rage … you're pulling with ego with all its worth. You're suffering and probably causing other egos to suffer around too. Don't worry you can pull as hard as you like … those strings can stretch to eternity and rest of us couldn't let go if we wanted to. But if you're aware or becoming aware that you're doing this … you are ready to let go of the suffering … the fear.  

Do as Descartes … still your thoughts, enrich your mind, and free your soul.

There's no lasting fall as you travel through time, space and eternity. There are too many strings holding you up. So you might as well fly.

Learning to Fly

reach up for meaning
elusive high planes
grasp at an eternity
flight slips through your fingers
gather feathers all the same

Happy soaring, rock and roll stars … see you next week. Love ya:)

Learning to Fly and Descartes Was Not a Mosquito are published in Tattoo, Calling All Soldiers Home and available at the following link …

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