Friday, 10 April 2015

False Skin & Tulip Petals at the Disco

I sit on a beautiful spring day and ponder the nature of the Tulip. For about two weeks it exists as a flower … completely irresistible to all who lays eyes upon it … but for most of the year it lies buried in the ground, a misshapen lump of brown, standing as much a chance at getting a rendezvous with a bird or a bee as an unshaven, unwashed, and bun-bedecked you … has a chance of getting a date with Megan Fox. Proving there is somebody for everyone however … it is still irresistible to the squirrels who will dig up the comatose bulb, eat some but not all, and leave it's now rotting corpse balanced on the fence … to mock the gardening gods. So I ponder the changing nature of the tulip and then I ponder the changing nature of you and me.

False Skin(Excerpt)

Facade, false skin, an illusion
An invisible blanket
No warmth, only delusion

Weighted upon your shoulders
Yoked about your throat, facade
More millstone than any sheltering cloak ...

False skin was written specifically about posturing that is … according to google … behave in such a way that is intended to impress or mislead … masking. Of course when one carries a facade around long enough it has the tendency to stick. Sometimes even the one enacting the posture forgets it's make-believe.

Posturing combined with a lack of awareness is like putting your ego on steroids. It promises world-wide recognition and acclaim … you may even get it … but in the end it's all about denial of self. Because if one feels she must posture … one feels she is not good enough. And like with all shams the truth eventually catches up with you … usually when the facade becomes impossible to maintain … then emotional suffering takes over.

That is the psychological side … 

                                         … now for the evolutionary take

Just about all animals posture. The why comes down to maintaining or establishing dominance … or you guessed it … to get a date.

Yep … just about all animals do it … which includes humans and most certainly that includes you. Whether you  … wear make-up, colour you hair … visit the plastic surgeon … wear shoes with lifts … where anything other than a formless, un-dyed smock … where something … not looking to get anyone arrested here … tell people you're fine when you're not … be nice to someone you don't like … be nice to someone to get them into bed, pretend you're confident when you're scared … you're enacting a facade. Some facades are more obvious than others … some are harmful, some useful … but on some level we are all acting.

There's no escaping facades because your true self is formless and boundless energy … consciousness that only happens to be inhabiting a body … consciouness that forms and reforms personality and its material body as it goes. So as long as you're alive you'll be wearing a costume and playing a role. The key is understanding that you're doing this … its called awareness folks … and not judging others for varying costume and fulfilling roles a little differently than you. 

False Skin

So Take hold

Go on now; reach deep within
Peel back the deceptive dermis
It only feels like skin …*

Shed the brittle shell

Bare your soul, scars, and sinew
Be brave, the blood, the shame
Washed away with a tear

Okay … maybe two

Take a moment to discover what lies beneath your skin … in every cell of your being … actually take many, many moments and then you'll understand that what you are is much more vast than any fleshed covered shell or inflated ego. Then you can play with form and facade without ever forgetting who you are or who anybody else is. You're not just a rock star ... you make them too. Blessings.

*denotes abbreviation

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