Friday, 24 April 2015

Sharing Sacred Ponds with Possibly Poisonous Reptilians

A beautiful happy hello to all you rock stars. I come to you today directly from the stillness.

Many who've arrived at the conscious decision to live a spiritual life have done so after discoveries made with a still mind in a calm and serene environment. When one obtains an extended period of no thought and a willingness to let go of ego a very special thing occurs, leaving no doubt there's more to the world than our sensed and testable material existence. We feel the energy; we feel the connection; we feel the oneness; we feel love in its pure energetic form. 

There’s the how-to … here’s the snafu

Your mind and even your ego may be ready to take a siesta, to allow the universe to show itself sans illusion of senses and thought but the universe isn't always still.  The kids are crying; your neighbor decides they never liked that wall anyway; your favorite coffee shop is hosting the drill-masters reality renovation show; nature is blooming but you’re allergic to it. Calgon take me away … if you got that reference you're really old. Congratulations on surviving.

There's good news and bad news … you do affect the universe … your thoughts and actions can and will lead to change … if you guide your thoughts and actions with awareness the very change you want.  But Grandfather Time is an excellent bouncer. He makes sure no one gets to where they are meant to be too soon, that the crowd is just right, and the music just loud enough. He’s got very broad shoulders and an incredible reach; there is no getting around him; you'll have to wait … always … the trick is embracing the wait. Fully be where you are. Unless this happens ...

While in Japan a snake and I had a near run in. I was later told that seeing such a snake in such a place was a very lucky sign; I didn’t know that and from the way the snake high-tailed it out of there, neither did he. Because of fear we both maintained of our lives but lost possession of our shared, sacred pond. Now I'm not telling you to go skinny-dipping with possibly poisonous reptilians. DON'T. But I am telling you despite the tremendous noise and fear created by myself and the snake ... the sacred pond went nowhere.  

Okay the noise was all mine … the snake even in retreat maintained his cool.

So what am I trying to tell you … you do not need to control your environment to maintain your connection to spirit. You're always in the sacred pond. All you need to do is still your mind ... regardless of what is going on around you .. and not fight the flow; pretty soon the peace you create in the quiet and stillness will flow through you in times of increased noise and movement and even fear. Bringing the party works too. Either way you'll spread acceptance and love, calming every ripple or wave and charming all snakes and reptiles alike. 

Alright … keep on rocking in the sacred pond but keep the music to a low ohm. Blessings and I'll see you next week.  

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