Thursday, 30 April 2015

Spitting Swans and Evil Sleeping Beauties

I hope this week finds you happily inhabiting the sacred pond of your inner-scape. I know; I know; it can be a real struggle to keep the pond happy.

Swan Senryu
AKA Haughty Haiku
AKA Testy Tanka

long-necked swan swimming
long-necked swan spitting … at me
new swan down pillow

note: no animals were harmed
in the writing of this poem

The swan is the ultimate symbol of beauty and grace but to those that have ever dealt with them for any length of time or just had the misfortune to get on one’s bad side … beautiful yes …also aggressive little blighters … spitting, biting, and duck abusing abound. But before we get out the tar and feathers … okay just the tar … let's remember the swan is just doing what comes naturally: defending its territory and its goslings should it feel threatened. Their behaviour does point out however that physical beauty doesn't necessarily coincide with a generous spirit. Like with you … like with me … what gets in the way of true grace is fear

So yes … beauty and kindness do not always go hand-in-hand but no … all you jealous little birds … beauty and evil do not go-hand-in-hand either. except on soap operas and with James Bond villainesses … es …es.  Oh and that girl you fancy who does not fancy you back … she true evil. I get ya … not. Just because someone possesses physical beauty that for whatever reason makes you feel inferior … the reason is your ego … this does not make her evil. It makes you afraid that she'll steal your chance at happiness, causing you to strike out in an attempt to level what you to believe to be the playing field, most often with unkind words when she's not in earshot. She's so high on herself … she’s vain … she’s a narcissists … she’s a bitch … she’s a slut … ouch, that last one hurt.

Vanity is often confused with Pride. Pride being closely linked to the ego. Ego is rather fond of it … a belief that one is both separate and above others. But unless we're looking for identity and fulfilment what we label vanity is simply experimentation in form … make-up, clothes, hair styles and tattoos … selfies and commemorate busts. While we're incarnate, we're also biological beings and so yes, vanity is linked to getting a date, and your response to those you view as vain linked to your fear you CANNOT get a date. The opposite sex isn't nearly as picky as your own gender. You can get a date. Try asking. And the narcissist thing … the narcissist tends to be quite vane but vanity doesn't note a lack of empathy. The two aren't linked. Cruelty grows in small, tight places … the closed heart … hair and makeup are of no concern. So open your heart. When one celebrates the beauty of others along with her own, vanity simply becomes an artistic spirit. 

But I get it; the ego needs a wicked queen to reflect back the snow white complex in all of us.

Beauty Beauty Beauty

Beauty Beauty Beauty
I’ll apply this oil with ease
upon my icy d├ęcolletage 
Leaving not a drop, not a balm
To soothe your aching feet

Work Work Work
Sear under a blaring sun
Toil from daybreak 
Until your untimely death
Until you come undone

Beneath a silvered umbrella
I remain a chilled argent
I’ll not unearth my humanity
It remains sealed in the permafrost
Of what would have been my heart

Please Please Please
Show me not your weathered hands
But I’ll take what they’ve created
You see my not-so-comely friend
Wealth is beauty; wealth is power
Vanity is me

Forgive me for this bleak piece of personification. Do not seek out such an individual and shove a poisonous apple down her throat.  If you know someone like this she needs an awakening kiss like just about all of us. But it's the last few lines here to take note. Biology choses very wide parameters by which to judge beauty, in short those features that are associated with fertility. While you still have the urge there may be little getting around these. That still leaves a whole lot of playing room which is often crowded out with shows of wealth. That is what we associate with wealth we tend to associate with beauty. Get it; beauty is completely, irrefutably subjective; so no one person is ‘in fact’ any more beautiful than another. 

You wanna be beautiful … think it and its done. I already know this about each every one of you. All that's left is for you to embrace the knowledge; embrace the feeling. So put on those crowns and sashes and strut. Guys … you might go with a tiara … less is always more … unless you like more. Who doesn't like more … this guy.

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