Wednesday, 15 October 2014

A short piece to alleviate the blues--Look Up

Look down
into old cracks
scars of ill-use
ripping open edges wide
grey lint and a rusted coin
Look up
into the sky
lit by a sun
spilling over the horizon
painting the clouds anew

Look Up

© 2014 Pryde Foltz

Look up is a work in comparative metaphor. Depending on your perspective the same thing can be seen as something grand and all but eternal … the clouds, the sun, and an ever-changing horizon ... or nothing but the everyday … grey lint and a rusted coin ...  fit to be cast off by the mind or worse spurned. It is all how you look at it; perspective is everything. And so it goes in our lives … with out past, present, and future. 

The past--a nightmare that led to the troubles and suffering of today or a series of lessons that made one into a strong and highly-empathetic individual. 

Our present--a drudgery where no one cares or understands. Or all there is and will ever be -- a chance to show those who inhabit the same space some care and understanding …a time to celebrate being together. Or maybe a time to get up and change what you don't like. 

The future as always will be dictated by the choices you make in the present. It is all how you see the now.

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