Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Did Archimedes ever fall in love?


When we look on the outside for meaning
no lasting meaning is ever found
no lasting meaning can be found 
in that which is ever-changing

© 2014 Pryde Foltz

Herein lies the single biggest misconception of the human psyche … the belief we will obtain fulfilment though our interactions with the outside world. Through achievement and obtainment we will discover who we really are. Rich, famous, intelligent, good-looking … of course … all those things and more. Certainly accolades and material goods offer pleasure but before long the achievement becomes the past and the material crumbles or slips from one's grip. So we are told it is our relationships that matter … and they do; don't get me wrong … but then a loved ones leaves you or passes on. Everyone dies … death and taxes, right? Well for me ... it was the pursuit of the ideal romantic partner … when I find my soulmate I will be complete. Well it hasn't happened yet. My ideal, your ideal, only exists in the imagination.  The truth ... romantic love is but an interplay between body chemistry and our thoughts … designed to reproduce the species not give lasting happiness. Don't expect it to save you. Don't believe what the fairytales tell; there is no happily ever after. But there can be a transcendence. When one finds the self that lies within, the self that lies with everyone and everything, that lies with the immortal … the meaning is ever-lasting and always present.  Look and you shall find I believe is the phrase. Then one can celebrate the present and honour its changes even as you live it and FEEL it. Did Archimedes fall in love … I certainly hope so … but he knew that when something new is added … something old must be displaced in equal measure. There is a little physics, philosophy and poetry for you. Be well beauties.

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