Friday, 17 October 2014

The Poet's Task … the first tanka I ever wrote … just a little request

The Poet's Task

cleave the sky in two
slice from the world suffering
take hold and hurl it
~a disc of fear and spite~
into the coldest void of blue

Recently this poem was accused of being Utopian. Perhaps … but not quite how I see it … there is no claim that we will be delivered to a perfect world but rather that we can create a world without suffering, or at least emotional suffering ... if we face our fear and spite … if we face up to our ego. Difficulties, challenges, will always present themselves. The world, the universe, exists between creation and destruction, birth and death, calm and chaos … duality is inescapable on a material plane … but fear and spite are conquerable … they are but the stuff of thought and thoughts can be changed. Who better to help free humanity from the tyranny of thought and the ensuing suffering that follows than the poet … so keep those pens to paper people … okay fingers to keys:)

The Poet's Task is published in Tattoo, Calling All Soldiers Home and available from amazon at the link below.

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