Monday, 13 October 2014

Time, a tanka

a tanka

the clock captures time

centuries turn
epochs shift

time eludes the clock

no two hands however long
can contain eternity

© 2014 Pryde Foltz


Is time real, invented, or imagined???

Poets, philosophers and scientist have wrestled with the concept of time for a very long … time. I see it but a system of measurement that allows points in existence--us--to coincide in the space of this reality … actually just this planet's reality. We measure time relative to the perceived reality of this planet using the humble clock. But in dreams time becomes very flexible and as you approach the speed of light … if Einstein was correct … time slows to the point of non-existence. It may be circular but scientist have yet to arrive upon the mathematical proof for such an assertion. But whatever is real ... the clock … our invention ... does not come close to doing eternity justice. In our esteem of its power … a little reserve is in order.

Time is published in Tattoo, Calling all Soldiers Home and available from

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